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Current & Recent CSHR Core Faculty Grants

The research mission of the CSHR is to enable seminal basic discoveries, observations and innovations relevant to sleep and health; to foster their translation into the clinical arena; to promote dissemination of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches into practice; and to evaluate the public health impact of such new approaches. Success in these endeavors relies upon integrated and synergistic collaborations among scientists and clinicians trained in numerous traditional disciplines spanning nursing and medical science, biological and social science, psychological and physiological science, mathematics, engineering and imaging science. Synergy also is gained by pursuing investigations of basic sleep physiology as well as various sleep pathologies and their associated causes and consequences.


Principal Investigator


Title Funding Agency
Fink AM  

Neurobiological Mechanisms of Sympathetic Regulation in Sleep Apnea


National Institute of Nursing Research
Balserak BI  

Sleep Related Determinants of Gestational Diabetes


National Institute of Nursing Research
Balserak BI  

Sleep and Circadian Genes in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Risk


Internal Research Support Program
Topchiy I  

Impact of Sleep Apnea Exacerbation on Brain Cholinergic Signaling and Cognition


National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
Kapella MC Efficacy and Mechanisms of a Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Co-existing with COPD National Institute of Nursing Research